Which Tune Should We Sing?

Episode 3 March 21, 2021 00:26:15
Which Tune Should We Sing?
I've Got a Question!
Which Tune Should We Sing?

Mar 21 2021 | 00:26:15


Show Notes

Join Shira for another episode of I've Got A Question!

Shira talks to Six13 star and music expert Craig Resmovits about why we only sing some parts of the Haggada and not others. They talk about ways to bring more music to the Seder, what music does to us and our emotions, and why music is so important to us.

Shira is also joined by one of her old teachers Melissa Rayman to talk about what kids can do to make the Seder more engaging, how you can get your parents involved in making the seder more fun, and somethings that didn't go so well at the seder in the past.

Shira also tells us about Amram who tried to surprise his family at the Seder but it doesn't go quite to plan!

I've Got a Question is hosted by Shira Greenspan and produced by Aryeh Grossman, Dr. Daniel Rose, and Alex Drucker. The show is edited by Alex Drucker. I've Got a Question is part of the Koren Podcast Network, a division of Koren Publishers Jerusalem.

With thanks to Six13 for permission to play a clip from their song Vehi She'amda https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCekGB6Wu_kiDx81RerAiqdQ 

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