Why are they next to eachother?

Episode 1 April 12, 2021 00:35:24
Why are they next to eachother?
I've Got a Question!
Why are they next to eachother?

Apr 12 2021 | 00:35:24


Show Notes

Shira Greenspan is back to answer your questions!

This week join Shira to remember Israel's fallen and to celebrate the rebirth of our homeland! But wait... Aliza has a question. Why is Yom HaAztma'ut the day after Yom HaZikaron? Yom HaAtzma'ut is such a happy day, why do we have to have such a sad day only one day before? Can't they be at different times of the year? It seems strange.

Shira speaks to Rabbi David Milston who Director of the Overseas Program at Midreshet HaRova in the old city of Jerusalem who explains how Yom HaAtzma'ut doesn't just follow Yom HaZikaron but is caused by it!

Shira then had the privilege to speak to someone really special. Zach Brown, originally from Toronto, Canada, left his family and friends behind and is now serving as a lone soldier in the Kfir Brigade in the Israel Defence Forces. Zach told Shira about his decision to join the Israeli army despite not being born there, what it means to home to be a soldier in the Jewish homeland, how his celebration on Yom HaAtzma'ut will be different this year as a soldier, and how people can show their appreciation to the soldiers who defend Israel even from other countries.

We close our episode with the incredible story of Nissim Gini, Israel's youngest ever soldier, and a message from lone soldiers from all over the world for our listeners for Yom HaAtzma'ut!

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